TMT Bar is most commonly used for the reinforcement of concrete as well as constructing buildings. It has excellent compressive strength, sturdy construction and abrasion resistance. This product helps in avoiding damages during unstable activities.
Silico Manganese
Silico Manganese is a fame in day to day world and the credit goes to its ability to improve the durability as well as strength in the steel hardening process. It being largely used in the industrial and metallurgical applications.

Cement is widely used in the construction industry as a binding material. It is suitable for engineering foundations, footpaths, dams, bridges, tunnels and so on. The offered product has good structure holding capacity.
Sponge Iron
Sponge Iron is very efficient in industrial applications as the product is best choice for making wrought iron. The product has tremendous ability of removing the presence of oxygen in the already present mixture of iron ore. The cost efficiency of the product is also the main feature of the product.

Pig Iron
The solid granules of Pig Iron are very helpful in making steel as well as pure iron units. The high carbon content accompanied with silica and another constituent of dross are worth an offering. It is made up of the smelting iron that indulges with the increased amount of carbon for further processing steps.
Ferro Silicon
Ferro Silicon also mainly brought in use for manufacturing silicon in great amount. The main properties or features of the product includes being corrosion-resistant and also high-temperature-resistant ferrous silicon alloys. The silicon steel which is used for electro motors and transformer cores along with the manufacture of cast iron, product is also helpful in ex-foliation of the iron to accelerate graphitization.
M.S. Billet
M.S. Billet is largely used to roll in the rods or bars or be it any given metallic item. The product ah high tensile strength and is rust proof which is durable and offered in very cost effective prices.